Time to move on

Habibi Center is close to its 2nd anniversary. During all this time, it has worked as an independent educational project. When it started, it needed total freedom of action as the situation with the youth was critical and chaotic. It couldn’t wait for any OK from third parts and leave this collective without education and integration for a single second more.

  1. That long-term independency, though, also brings some uncertainty in many areas of the project. Among others, the most important ones being:European and local agreements are amended and updated constantly while this humanitarian crisis moves on.
  2. Inability of long-term planning: It seems not true but, since Habibi Center’s birth, the longest planning has only been three or four months ahead. This short term planning affects in many different aspects:
  • Financial stability: Habibi Center would be nothing without the unvaluable financial help from its family. The donations, though, could have been more consistent sometimes but, mainly due to the sort-term decisions, the project decided to stop some of those.
  • Volunteering schedule difficulties: one of the main aims of Habibi Center is to provide the students with long-term teachers in order to increase their confidence. That planification is also continually disrupted.

All that uncertainty has made the members of the project think over the idea of setting up Habibi Center as an official and legally registered association.

Nothing major is going to change with this decision. Habibi Center’s priority is not to massively but staying as a cozy and close family for a long time and continue taking actions as independently as possible. As informed above, the main reason is to give more stability and be able to carry out better and more appropriate decisions in the future. The entire family deserves it.

Further information about this decision will be shortly announced.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for keeping supporting these lovely students