We received some weeks ago the results of the B2, B1, and A2 Cambridge exams that 11 of our students took in May 2021. We couldn´t be happier!

For the first time in our 5 years of life, 1 student, who started with us 2 years and a half ago, was ready to take the B2 level exam. He worked really hard despite all the disruptions due to Covid-19 and, although he missed the passing score just by a few points, we feel extremely proud of him.

Regarding the students who took the B1 and A2 exams, 4 and 6 students respectively, we also felt amazed not only because they all passed their respective exams but also because of their excellent scores. These high marks show how hard they all worked during the long preparation period.

The brilliant marks and its academic value are not the only positive side of these exams. Once again and even more importantly, it has been their change of mentality and personal growth. The self-confidence and self-esteem gained with this experience will definitely help them face and achieve new challenges in life.

This success couldn’t have been achieved without the help of all of you who supported the Habibi Center in order to cover the registration of the students as well as all the material needed during the entire preparation period. Thanks a million to all of you scattered across Scotland, England and Málaga (Spain).

The Habibi Center Team