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Our Mission & Vision

Our MISSION is to empower refugee youth through education and life skills and equip them for a brighter future.

Our VISION is to highlight the value and potential of refugee youth and to see this generation become active and independent members of society.

The aim of Habibi Center is not to merely offer educational courses but, most importantly, to encourage a safe and pleasant interracial atmosphere where students can learn to respect each other. Through working with others from different nationalities, ethnicities, and religions, Habibi Center is helping to make reconciliation possible amongst students from different communities, some of whom have had long-standing historical conflicts.

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Check out what our community is saying about Habibi Center

“Not for one minute during the day did it ever come across that they were victims of a crisis.”

Mark (England)

“…Habibi Center was my second family. Thanks for everything and for teaching us. I will never forget that.”

Aziza (Iraq)

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