Careful! Wild Things Around!

Imprisoned identity, harassed dignity, vulnerable soul, it is time to wake up and fly free. It is time to shine bright. You now possess the right tools and know how to do it.

Some Wild things can be seen at the school. Luckily, they aren’t planning a wild rumpus anytime soon. They are special and positive creatures for all those who want a better World, unlike many powerful characters determined to keep creating numb sheep, unable to think and live independently and freely. Instead, these ones are determined to stand up for themselves, willing to face their future with optimism and joy. Wild things who want to have a voice in this endangered planet. Wild things who don’t want anybody to look at them as a victim anymore, but as a respectable human being.

To share a common and safe space where EVERYBODY has the freedom to express what they truly believe, where EVERY opinion and EVERY person is respected, where a funny comment or a silly mistake can be followed by healthy laughs, and where EVERYBODY feels empathy for each other – This is just what they need. It’s just what Habibi Center provided them.

It is difficult for the teachers to express what they feel with all that magic evolution. Imagine how anybody would feel if a scared girl started her ‘A, B, C classes’ five months ago and now she is able to recite profound poems about herself. Imagine how anybody would feel when a fifteen-year-old vulnerable boy started his classes seven months ago learning ‘to be’ and ‘to have’ and now he is going to start a new stage in his life in another adopted country as a well-rounded human being, able to make decisions by himself.

These Wild things were tired of feeling like a living death. They felt useless and underestimated by the society and themselves. NOT anymore. We are extemely proud of our beloved Wild things.

Thank you very much for continuing to support Habibi Center. We need more Wild things. We need less victims.