News from Athina 10.02.2018

It’s been a few months since the last update. The reason is not because Habibi Center is vanishing. On the contrary, the teachers in the centre keep working as hard as usual preparing new lessons and different activities so that our hard-working students can enjoy their learning.

As always, the team is so pleased to see that students who have grown alongside Habibi Center from the very beginning are already in their next stage of this process of gaining a safer and prosperous present and future in Europe. All the best Sally, Genar, Sana, Janan, Raeda, Layla M. Mona, Ahlam M., Maher A., Saher, Nizar, Nazdar, Mazin M., Nawzad, Raid, Rana, Hannah Y., Berzo, Nahla, Layla, Shirin, Mayada, Esma, Maher M., and all their families in your new countries. We miss you so much!

The Habibi Center hasn’t stopped there, though! Although some of the students named above set the bar high, the current ones are pushing even harder. We’d also like to use these lines to congratulate Jasmine, Nargis, Maher M., Xiao Song, Mahmood B., Nashaat, Layla M., Ahlam M. and Raid who took KET and PET exams last November. You guys worked hard and your effort was rewarded with very good scores and certifications. One A1, six A2, and two B1 CEFR level in English language were achieved.

We also send tones of positive energy as 6 students have some tough weeks ahead before attending the PET and KET exams in March. The immeasurable effort of this youth is the reason why Habibi Center keeps being a reality.

Once again, a big THANK you to all Habibi Family for your massive support.