Thank you my teacher!

One of the phrases that has affectionately imprinted in the memory of the majority of our volunteers after their experience in Habibi Center is “THANK YOU MY TEACHER!”

What the students could never imagine is that this magic relationship that we volunteers have with them might just be because we also consider them our teachers. We have come to realise that they are also teaching us good things in life. It’s impossible for volunteers not to be infected by their determination to learn new things every day, with their hunger for achieving their aspirations of becoming a professional, and their ability to overcome difficult situations.

Maybe the key to this successful relationship is that both parts work at the same level of humbleness. Inside the school everyone is aware that one of us can be better at doing one thing but weaker at others. This is not something negative. Our strengths keep us ready to help another person with their difficulties and our weaknesses keep us teachable and willing to listen to the explanation about that which we struggle to grasp. Regarding extra scholar situations, we all, as a family, support each other when anyone of us is experiencing happy and optimistic news or has rough and difficult days.

In Habibi Center, our essential interpretation of the word EDUCATION is everybody pushing each other to become better, happier, and remaining calm by knowing that you have many caring friends (habibis) around you to lean on. We will support you and encourage you whenever you need it, even when you think we won’t. This type of education should be spread worldwide, but this is not something taught from a book, it can only be learnt from experience, and we, the volunteers, have learnt it from being here with you habibis.

This time, we, the volunteers, want to say something to our students: